Want your image featured?

MyGAAClub are looking to collect and feature photos from clubs and players around the world that reflect the true nature of GAA club life. This can be anything from your club grounds on a summers evening to your mucky changing rooms after pre-season training. We are looking for beautiful photos from any town, city, country, anywhere in the world.

1 ) How will my photo be used?

If accepted, your photo may be display throughout the mygaa.club website .  

2 ) What types of photos are you looking for?

1. Do not have people as the focal point. The image may include people as long as they are not recognisable. In other words, any people in the image must not be the focal point but may be a part of the background.

2. The photo must reflect the GAA culture or club life. 

3. Desired resolution is larger than 1300 px wide x 1300 px tall, in order to ensure display across devices. Depending on the images other resolutions maybe accepted.

4. No borders, signatures, watermarks, logos, overlaid text or camera time stamps. Photographer attribution will be provided on the image by the and will hyperlink to your social media page of choice. And it's best to have the action of the image in the center of the photo. 

3 ) How do I submit photos for consideration? 

Email your images to images@mygaa.club.

4 ) Do I get photo credit on the site? 

Yes, your social media screen name and a link to the photo will be shown on the screen, as shown in the screenshot below.

5 ) How many photos can I submit?

There is no limit to the number of photos you can submit.